Our pupils are taught using the English National Curriculum and the British Independent Schools’ Curriculum. Courses on our programme include English, Mathematics, Science, French, History, Geography, Religious Studies, ICT, Music, Physical Education, and Art & Drama. A full programme of diagnostic testing is also available to all children; giving teachers and parents further insight into students’ strengths or weaknesses so that extra attention may be given where most necessary.

Junior School


“The Junior School is full of life, gaiety, energy and we are known to be the ‘live wire’ of the school! We do blend fun and academic work; both we take seriously.”

Ms. Gloria Dakwa, Head of Junior School
Age Ghanaian TRRS UK School Year Exams
4 to 5 Nursery Reception
5 to 6 Kindergarten Class 1 1
6 to 7 Class 1 Class 2 2 Key Stage 1 (British system)
7 to 8 Class 2 Class 3 3
8 to 9 Class 3 Class 4 4

Middle School


“Our commitment to ensuring each child experiences an education that focuses on academic excellence, creativity, critical-thinking; whilst building self-confidence and ensuring each student develops into a responsible citizen, informs all our decisions and choices.”

Mr. Kwamena Essilfie Burah,
Head of Middle School
Age Ghanaian TRRS UK School Year Exams
9 to 10 Class 4 Class 5 5
10 to 11 Class 5 Class 6 6 Key Stage 2 (British system)
11+ (ISEB)
11+ UK
11 to 12 Class 6 Form 1 7
12 to 13 JHS 1 Form 2 8 Common Entrance 13+ (ISEB)

Senior School


“Entering the Senior School marks an important stage in a student’s educational journey. lessons and topics begin to become more challenging and more demanding as the IGCSE courses are introduced. Students begin to think more critically and questions become more important than answers. Indeed, it is that learning experience and the pursuit of excellence that shapes each student’s development; both in and out of the classroom.”

Mrs. Josiane Chammas, Head of Senior School
Age Ghanaian TRRS UK School Year Exams
13 to 14 JHS 2 Form 3 9
14 to 15 JHS 3 Form 4 10
15 to 16 SHS 1 Form 5 11 IGCSE (Cambridge)
Age Ghanaian TRRS UK School Year Exams
16 to 17 SHS 2 Lower 6 6th Form College AS Level (Cambridge)
17 to 18 SHS 3 Upper 6 6th Form College A level (Cambridge)